The Avocado Saver Promises To Keep Our Avos Fresh Longer

There is a specific sense of sadness that washes over us when we open our refrigerator door and are met with the sorrowful sight of a brown avocado half. The once perfectly ripe and gorgeously green fruit has passed its prime, and we’re left feeling like we wasted good food and our hard-earned money. According to some, we’re now another step further from ever being able to afford homeownership, and we didn’t even get to enjoy half of the avo that put us in this position. Who will save us from this sadness? The Avocado Saver claims it can.
The Avocado Saver from AvoSeedo looks like a kitchen necessity for anyone who loves avocados. The top shelf dishwasher safe device basically acts as a replacement for the avocado half that has already been eaten. The Avo Saver has a little dip in its center, and an avocado pit fits perfectly inside. To use it, cut your fruit in half and enjoy the side that does not have the pit. Then, place the other half face down on the Avo Saver so that the seed sits inside the dip. After that, you simply need to strap the avocado in and place it in the fridge. The secure fit reduces exposure to air, which makes this device much more effective than just covering the green fruit in cling wrap and hoping for the best.
The product description on the AvoSeedo website says, “the lifespan of the avocado is diminished drastically once it’s been cut into, but with the help of the Avo Saver, freshness is effortlessly preserved by slowing the oxidization process.” The kitchen gadget usually costs $13.95, but it's currently on sale for $8.95 on the AvoSeedo website. In addition to saving your avocados, this little gadget also promises to save you money, time, and aggravation. So, the Avo Saver could put an end to the sadness that comes with a lost avocado.

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