Scientists Found A Weird-Looking Worm & People Can't Stop Making Penis Jokes

Last week, a group of 4o scientists got back from a month-long exploration of a deep-sea habitat 4000 meters (about 13,000 feet) below the surface. What they found there was...interesting, to say the least.
While they found fascinating creatures like this faceless fish, this creepy sea spider, and this really freaky-looking thing that's exactly what we'd expect a sea monster to look like, the internet is wholly obsessed with one particular photo from the trip: a picture of a "peanut worm."
International Business Times UK tweeted a photo of this worm on Saturday, and the comments section went wild β€” because the "peanut worm" looks exactly like a penis.
This fact isn't lost on IBT, which captioned the photo with "The peanut worm does not look like a peanut, but a lot like something else."
And Twitter had plenty of suggestions for what "something else" it looks like β€” or what purpose it may serve under the water.
Others had a sudden urge to make a trip to the Australian abyss, where the scientists found this creature.
And others just refuse to believe this is a fish.
While this photo from the scientists' trip has blown up, it isn't the first time the "peanut worm" was discovered. Its official name is "sipuncula," according to the University of California Museum of Paleontology, and they have been fascinating people for years.
In case you were wondering, because we sure were, this is how a penis peanut worm actually looks in the water:
Whether that's the stuff of nightmares, or means you'll be booking a trip to the Australian abyss, is totally up to you.
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