Watch This Dad Come Up With The Most Clever Solution For His Son's Lost Lunchbox

Photographed by Eric Helgas.
As so many new parents quickly find out, many unexpected skills go into the job. In order to meet all your little one’s many needs, it often takes creativity and improvisation, and having a good sense of humor never hurts. How appropriate that just one day after Father’s Day, we came across a hilarious YouTube video of a dad using all those skills to quickly find a replacement lunchbox for his son.
Mark Hoyle is a dad blogger, who writes about his experience transitioning from “lad to dad.” His blog and YouTube channel, LadBaby, documents his journey. Recently, after accidentally misplacing his son’s lunchbox — which greatly annoyed his wife — Hoyle set out to make things right by picking up a new one, and he vlogged the whole amusing mission.
The video starts with Mark saying, "Well, guess who's just started a massive argument with the missus cause I've lost the lad's lunchbox. Now I've been demanded out of the house to go get a new one." As he walks down the street, he poses the interesting question that most parents have probably wondered about the many seemingly frivolous things that their children supposedly "need." He asks the camera, "Do people really even still have lunch boxes these days? I think you can just put your food in a bag." He makes a good point, but nevertheless, he continues on to the store.
When he finally arrives at the store and makes his way to the lunchbox aisle, Mark is appalled by the prices and by how silly the lunch boxes look. So, he leaves the first store and make his way to a hardware store close by. After fooling around a bit, he comes across some tool boxes and gets a rather brilliant idea. Why not get one of the tool boxes to use as a lunchbox? As the dad points out, the one he picks is basically just tupperware, and it's less expensive than any of the actual lunchbox options.
After Hoyle gets home, he shows the lunchbox substitute to his wife, and at first, she's skeptical and still pretty annoyed. However, after he packs it full of different snacks for their son and even includes some of his favorite toys, she starts to see his side of things, and she, of course, gets a pretty good laugh out of the whole thing. So, there you go, proof that being a good parent doesn't mean you have to be perfect. Sometimes, it just means springing into action and some clever quick-thinking.

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