Tina Knowles' Instagram Post Raises All Sorts Of Questions About Beyoncé's Twins

On Saturday, the news we'd all been waiting for finally hit: Beyoncé and Jay Z's twins had arrived. The Internet went absolutely wild and everyone began to speculate about when we'll receive more information. What are the twins' names? Did Bey have boys, girls, or one of each? When will we be blessed with photos?
Well, here's an unexpected plot twist: Beyoncé's mom, Tina Knowles, posted an Instagram video last night and it's raised all sorts of questions.
Initial reports stated that Beyoncé had given birth in Los Angeles, so Knowles' post has the Bey Hive totally confused. We'd venture a guess that, if the birth indeed took place on the west coast, Grandma Knowles would probably not be on the other side of the country for a wedding.
Then there's the matter of the caption: "In New York for my friends son's wedding! God lets things happen in his time not ours! Don't try to rush him!" It's a little mysterious, wouldn't you say? Could it (*gasp*) mean that the twins haven't even been born yet? There hasn't been an official announcement from Beyoncé and Jay Z yet, so it's possible.
Another possibility is that the twins arrived way earlier than we thought and their parents have chosen to not make the information public yet. And, of course, perhaps the reports of the Los Angeles birth were incorrect and Bey had the twins in New York City earlier this week.
The possibilities are endless and, until we see some photographic evidence that the twins have indeed arrived, I suppose we'll be left to speculate for days.

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