Orphan Black Episode 2 Recap: "Clutch Of Greed"

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Orphan Black wastes no time getting to the point, and after the dramatic 5 season premiere, we're back in the thick of the action. Captured by Neolution, Sarah wakes up back at Dyad face-to-face with Ferdinand, who gives her an ultimatum straight from Rachel: agree to a truce, or she'll lose her family.
Alison and Cosima arrive via Skype and, contrary to Sarah's expectations, have warmed to the idea of a truce — but not necessarily of their own volition. Alison is still under constant surveillance by the "very nice Neos," and Cosima is still at Revival in an effort to get to the bottom of her genetics. She tells Sarah that Rachel administered the treatment and that the trial is underway, but Ferdinand stops the video before Sarah can get any more answers.
"So," Ferdinand says, showing surveillance footage of Kira coloring somewhere in Dyad. "Is Sarah Manning finally ready to behave?" Probably not.
That being said, Sarah agrees to meet with Rachel, who explains that she's already done everything necessary to acclimate Sarah back into her old life. Kira has been registered back at school, and Sarah is free to go home with her family — as long as she agrees to letting Rachel study Kira during regularly scheduled visits. They want to get to the bottom of her "unique physiology," without taking her away from Sarah.
"We want a change," Rachel says. "An end to this war."
Mrs. S and Kira arrive, and both are on board with the truce and want to go home, meaning it's all down to Sarah to make this happen. Reluctantly, she agrees.
Back at Alison's, Art, and Enger press her for more information about Donnie and Helena, and won't let her leave her home until the two return. Where are they, exactly? The hospital. After the stick punctured Helena's stomach, Donnie took her to the hospital where they removed the stick, but need to do another ultrasound after discovering that it punctured the amniotic sac. However, when they take a closer look at the ultrasound, the wound appears to have healed itself — another mystery that has something to do with their unique genetics. In all this confusion, Helena makes a break for it by stabbing the doctor in the cheek with a needle, of course.
Back home, Sarah, Felix, and Mrs. S try to find a way out of their agreement with Dyad, but in the meantime, Sarah and Kira need to stick to the plan. She takes Kira to school under the watchful eye of the Neolutionists and, when she gets back home, Felix calls her from his loft. He has MK, who reveals that, like Cosima, she's been sick for some time now. However, she says she can get Sarah and Kira to safety as long as Sarah and her crew concoct a plan to get Kira out of view of Dyad.
Thanks to Charlotte, Cosima gets the chance to meet with Aisha, but is taken to P.T. Westmoreland before she can get any answers. He's real, and he tells her that the trial Rachel administered appears to be effective. That's why he'd like Cosima to continue with her work after she's developed a cure for her sisters.
"No disrespect, but I know you created me. I have no interest in being part of your collection," she says. "So what the hell is the point of all this?"
Quoting an Arthur Conan Doyle poem, Westmoreland says that, essentially, there is no answer. The point of life has been argued since life began. Instead of getting stuck in that philosophical trap, why doesn't Cosima just focus on her cure? And, maybe someday, she'll turn her attention to him.
Sarah, dressed as Rachel, manages to usurp Dyad's plan and pick Kira up before Rachel. Kira, of course, knows it's her mother immediately. As soon as they leave, the real Rachel arrives and realizes that Sarah must have impersonated her and taken Kira away. Through a complex series of handoffs, Kira makes it out of school, but they discover that MK is still at home and hasn't made it to the lab, as previously promised. Sarah jets off to retrieve her, Ferdinand close behind.
Sarah makes it into the loft and attempts to convince MK to come with her, but MK says she's too sick and tired.
"I've been running my whole life," she says. Instead, she switches clothes with Sarah — who is dressed as Rachel — so Sarah can escape. Ferdinand breaks through the door and finds himself in a weird sexual revenge fantasy. MK dressed as Rachel feels like killing two birds with one stone — so he does. He kicks MK in the chest repeatedly until she dies.
This triggers something in Kira. She can feel MK's death, and this pushes her over the edge. She doesn't want to escape, she wants to find out why she's like this. So, after all that, they decide to stay and cooperate.
Late that night, there's a knock on the door. Mrs. S answers only to find Delphine — who, remember, we thought was in Sardinia, and Mrs. S thought was dead. She's arrived to tell Mrs. S some important information, information that the clones can't know. It's here, of course, that the episode ends. Until next week, my seestras.

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