Roxane Gay On What "Fat" Means To Her

Roxane Gay is fat.
She knows it, we know it, and trolls all over the internet know it. The problem is that last group of people, who use the word as an insult — as if fat is the worst possible thing she could be.
In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Gay clapped back at the people who spit the word "fat" at her behind their keyboards. First, by retweeting their tweets with a simple affirmation that yes, she is fat. And then by speaking out about what "fat" really means.
"I must admit that when I think that a man somewhere gets online to tell me I am fat, I die laughing. Like wow. What free time," Gay wrote in a tweet.
Her comment sparked a conversation about their use of the word and her use of the word. To Gay, "fat" is not an insult. It's a descriptor.
While it's true that the word itself is not insulting, some commenters responded that the people who often call other people fat mean it as an insult. So it's not so much the word itself, but the intent behind it.
Gay, however, tweeted that as a fat woman who often hears the word used as an insult, she's well-aware that intent can make any word insulting. She reclaims the word for herself, she explained, and that takes the power out of it.
Of course, while we understand Gay's intent in reframing the word for both herself and others, her proclamation that the word isn't offensive may not sit with all people.
Some have had the word "fat" thrown at them too many times to reclaim it for themselves. And that's fine, too. The words we use to identify ourselves are incredibly personal, and "plus-size" or "curvy" may just seem like a better fit.
It's your body. It's your summer. Enjoy them both. Check out more #TakeBackTheBeach here.
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