That Viral "Half-Up Ponytail" Tweet Reunited A Girl With Her Preschool Crush

Earlier this week, Twitter user Hanna De Castro (@urchicahanna) found internet fame after posting photos of her mom's interpretation of a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Of course, with internet fame comes blown-up notifications, publications like ours asking for comment, and... reunions with your preschool crush?
As a direct result of De Castro's tweet, the internet came to her account in a flurry, including a boy she once went to preschool with and had a crush on. Amongst the many people who responded to her tweet with photos of their own hair fails, a guy named David Gonzales (@wavybing) responded to say that he recalled going to preschool with her.
Not only that, Gonzales had photo receipts for anyone who thought this was fake.
De Castro told Cosmopolitan that she and Gonzales had lost touch since kindergarten, but "thanks to Twitter we're actually catching up on life right now."
The internet, of course, ate it up — some Twitter users began getting way ahead of themselves, planning De Castro and Gonzales' marriage.
Other users were just happy to see the power of the internet in play.
It's also pretty serendipitous and amazing that De Castro's viral tweet came on her first day using Twitter.
"My best friend Alyssa Esma along with a bunch of other friends kept pressuring me to make a Twitter saying that I'm missing out on all the latest stuff," she told Cosmo. "So a few months and a ton of convincing later I finally made one."
There was no way of knowing one of her first tweets would blow up like this, but we're betting she's glad she decided to take the Twitter plunge.
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