Cynthia Nixon Wishes Donald Trump Wasn't The One Who Handed Her That SATC Emmy

Photo: Vince Bucci/Getty Images
On Sunday night, actress Cynthia Nixon nabbed a Tony Award for her role in the production of Little Foxes. When she arrived on stage, Nixon, also known for her role as the flame-haired Miranda Hobbes on Sex and The City, got a tad political.
"There are people who eat the earth and eat all the people on it and other people who just stand around and watch them do it," Nixon said during her acceptance speech.“My love, my gratitude and my undying respect go out to all the people in 2017 who are refusing to just stand and watch them do it.”
However, in a recent interview with Variety, the 51-year-old eschewed subtlety during a moment of nostalgia. When asked about that time she received her very first Emmy award in 2004, she was still in shock that her co-star Kim Cattrall didn’t take home the award. “I was just completely flabbergasted. It was our very last season. None of us had ever won Emmys as actors before. I think myself and a lot of other people thought that if one of the supporting actresses was going to win it was going to be Kim Cattrall.”
Then the LGBTQ rights activist, who spoke out against Donald Trump at a Stonewall Inn rally in February, addressed the elephant in the room. “Do I wish I had gotten my Emmy from somebody else? Yes, I do. Absolutely I do. But it’s not like he picked me. He just passed off the trophy.”
A no-holds-barred response from a woman who’s unafraid to speak her mind? It’s clear Cynthia Nixon and Miranda Hobbes operate on the same plane.

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