Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot Is Also A Pretty Good Singer

By now it's basically an established fact that Gal Gadot (known on screen as Wonder Woman) is the badass heroine our generation needs. In addition to kicking ass and taking names on the big screen, Gadot did so while she was five-months pregnant. And although the aforementioned pregnancy didn't allow her to do all her own stunts, that wasn't the case in her Fast & Furious roles.
All of this may leave you asking, "is there anything Gal Gadot can't do?" Well, it's certainly possible, but we haven't found any evidence to support this notion. In fact, she continues to wow us every single day. Case in point: Did you know she can sing? Thanks to YouTube, we've been blessed with a 2009 video of Gadot playing a singing and dancing mermaid in an Israeli Hanukah special.
Check it out:
Gadot, clad in a seashell bra, sings in Hebrew (her native language). According to BuzzFeed, the song in question is not "Under the Sea," but a tune called "Beloved" in which Gadot's mermaid character sings to a man about how they can weather any storm together. Awww.
The performance was organized as a way to raise money for children.
Eight years later, the 32-year-old actress has come a long way. Her résumé includes Triple 9, Date Night, Criminal, Keeping Up With the Joneses, and multiple Fast & Furious movies. And of course, the film that made her a household name all across the globe continues to break records left and right.
Does this mean the Wonder Woman sequel will feature a musical number? Here's hoping!

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