Twitter Can't Handle This Office's Next-Level Milk Security

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Possibly the worst part of life in the modern workplace is having your coworkers steal your food from the office refrigerator. Even though you’re diligent about writing your name in big bold letters on your sack lunch or that can of soda you were saving for your afternoon pick-me-up, from time to time, those items just disappear. And, when they do, it’s almost enough to make you put in your two weeks notice and start applying for jobs that allow you to work from home so you never have to interact with another human being ever again. Okay, okay maybe that's dramatic, but it's not quite as dramatic as what a few police officers did to the milk in the fridge at their station.
Over the weekend, a Twitter user, who according to the DailyMail is a police officer in training, posted a shocking and hilarious photo of three bottles of milk inside a refrigerator. Each one was secured with elaborate homemade antitheft devices. Accompanying the photo, the Twitter user wrote, "In other news, the milk theft in Halifax Police Station seems to be rife..when he said find one without a padlock, thought he was joking..!"
The lengths to which these folks went to ensure their milk would not be stolen has attracted a lot of attention on Twitter. Another user named Kevin Antony shared the photo on his own account, and wrote, "Imagine working in an office with these kind of people." That tweet, which was posted yesterday, has received almost 48,000 likes and has been retweeted over 24,000 times. And, as usual, Twitter had some amazing responses.
All of these people made valid points, but one Twitter user had a reaction very close to our own.
Yes, as dramatic as a career shift may be, it doesn't hold a candle to milk padlocks.

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