Milo Ventimiglia Says Mandy Moore Isn't Ready For Kids

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Thanks to her role on NBC's This Is Us, Mandy Moore's has gotten bombarded with questions about impending motherhood. How could she not? Her character, Rebecca Pearson, is a mom to three kids and Moore's interacted with everything from toddlers and kids to teenagers. But during a panel at the ATX TV Festival, E! News reports that Moore's costar, Milo Ventimiglia, said that she might not be ready for kids of her own just yet.
"Mandy and I have been on set before with kids that are having a hard time that day, or babies with crap-filled diapers and I'm like, ‘Yo, man. How are you doing?' And she's like, ‘I'm good. I don't need any kids,'" Ventimiglia said during the panel. (Let's also note that Ventimiglia isn't a dad himself — though he does interact with the cross-generational brood on the show — and Moore didn't have a chance to rebut his comments.)
Ventimiglia's statement is in contrast with a few things that Moore has said recently. E! adds that Moore is definitely interested in kids of her own. During the 2017 CFDA Awards earlier this month, she said that she was ready for a family right now. "Sure, but I think that's probably just in line with where I am in my life right now," she said. "The chapters have sort of lined up pretty perfectly."
Back in January, Moore said that she had some hesitation coming into the role, noting that her lack of kids might not align with Rebecca Pearson's position as a maternal figure. During the Elle Women in Television dinner, she explained that the role is stirring up something inside her. "I feel like deep down, the soul of who [Rebecca Pearson] is I'm familiar with. I feel a kinship with her," she said. "I was most concerned about feeling maternal, not having children myself. But being part of a project like this definitely makes my ovaries start kicking."
We'll chalk up Ventimiglia's opinion as a simple joke gone awry. After all, Moore's mommy status is her own business.
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