Disney's DuckTales Reboot Has Some Major Star Power

Photo: Disney XD.
TV fans and comedy buffs are going to hear a whole flock of familiar voices when DuckTales arrives on Disney XD. Like just about everything else from the '90s, the animated series is getting a reboot, complete with a brand-new animation style and a slew of celebrity voices. What's the same? Fans will recognize the cast of characters, which includes Scrooge McDuck, his three nephews, and the dreamiest duck pilot that ever was, Launchpad McQuack.
The series is set to have all the heart of the original Disney Afternoon series, but puts a bigger emphasis on action and adventure. It's on Disney XD, after all, so it's got to live up to that.
"One of the things we always loved about the old show was that it was this family of adventurers, but the emphasis in every episode had always been on the adventure and plotline," co-producer Francisco Angones told Entertainment Weekly. "The basic conceit of growing our show was that this is a big blended family of adventurers, so it should feel like a combination of Indiana Jones and a blended Arrested Development-style family sitcom where every character has a different relationship to one another."
The Doctor himself, David Tennant, will lend his voice to Scrooge McDuck. Tony Anselmo will voice Donald Duck, a role he's had since 1986, including a run on the original DuckTales. Rounding out the main family is Danny Pudi (Community), Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation), and Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live), who will play triplets Huey, Duey, and Louie, respectively.
Joining what appears to be an all-boys club is Kate Micucci (The Big Bang Theory) as Webby, née Webbigail Vanderquack. Angones adds that Webby will have a bigger role in DuckTales 2.0 than she did back in the '90s. "We almost never say 'the nephews' or 'the boys' — she's a crucial part of the adventuring team, and they really are this big, weird family," he said. "If Huey has Scrooge's brains, Dewey has Scrooge's guts, and Louie has Scrooge's love of treasure, Webby has Scrooge's heart."
SNL's Beck Bennett, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Margo Martindale, Allison Janney, and Silicon Valley's Josh Brener all have roles, too, so if a particular duck (or fowl) sounds familiar, you've probably heard them somewhere before. That's a ton of star power packed into one animated series — maybe it's time to take on TaleSpin one more time? C'mon Disney, do it for the fans.
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