Here Are More McDonald's Menu Items To Be Jealous Of

Photo: Courtesy of McDonalds.
Why is it that we always want what we can’t have? We know it’s a cliché, but it really rings true, especially when it comes to McDonald’s dessert menu items from around the world. First we found out that McDonald’s Hong Kong serves waffle sundaes made with matcha soft serve, and now even more international McDonald's desserts are catching our eyes. The first is an Oreo Cone and the second is purple ube soft serve. Put those two things together and forget it.
We actually discovered the Oreo cone back when we were stalking Hong Kong's waffle sundaes nonstop, but it was PopSugar that pointed out that these cones are available in other countries, too. For instance, you can get the Oreo cone at McDonald's locations in Mexico. There it's called the Cono Oreo, and with a swirl of vanilla soft serve topped with Oreo crumbles. So, if this Oreo sweet treat is in Hong Kong and Mexico, is there any war that we'll one day see it here? You'll definitely hope so once you see these photos:

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On to ube soft serve. This is another treat we've seen swirling around Instagram. Like the matcha soft serve, this purple sweet potato ice cream is available at Hong Kong locations of the fast food chain. According to a McDonald's Hong Kong press release, the flavor is called "Sweet Potato Sensation," and it can even be made into a made into a colorful McFlurry. Take a look:

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Just when we thought we were maxed out on jealousy, we came across several photos of these two foreign desserts combined. Sweet Potato Sensation in an Oreo cone might be the most beautiful ice cream creation that ever existed.

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After all this drooling over other nations' McDonald's menus, it's important to take a minute and be grateful of the treats we have here. For instance, at least we can make McFlurry cookie sandwiches. That’s something.

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