Twitter Is Losing It Over This McDonald's McFlurry Hack

You know that feeling when you see something so amazing, yet so simple that you can't help but beat yourself up a bit for not thinking of it first? Well, thanks to BuzzFeed, we just found a tweet that sums up that exact feeling in three glorious photos. A few days ago, a Twitter user named @nxthvniel_ took a trip to McDonalds. After sitting down with his Oreo McFlurry and a box of warm chocolate chip cookies, a genius idea occurred to him. @nxthvniel documented the idea with a series of photos and a tweet saying, "got 'creative' with my hunger today."
The first photo shows the chocolate chip cookies sitting next to the McFlurry, and written on the photo in white letters is the word, "wait." With bated breath we move to the next photo to find two cookies laid out, each with a heaping scoop of McFlurry sitting in the center. It's then that we think to ourselves, omg duh! The final picture shows the finished product, a chocolate chip cookie-Oreo McFlurry sandwich, and it is beautiful. Feast your eyes:
Since then, tons of Twitter users have taken this person's lead by experimenting with the hack and posting photos of their own cookie sandwiches in the comments. Many others have been expressing that same, "why have I never thought of this?" feeling in the comments as well.
A couple days after posting the photos, @nxthvniel_ figured out just how smart this hack really was — no doubt because of all the comments and likes from adoring fans — and hit up McDonald's to show off the creation.
Still, some people really don't believe he deserves to be rewarded for doing something so obvious with a cookie and a McFlurry.
To those haters, all we have to say is, just because an idea is obvious, doesn't mean it can't change lives, and @ncthvniel_'s tweet has over 50,000 likes to prove it.

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