At This Hong Kong McDonald's, You Can Get A Matcha Sundae Served On A Waffle

While matcha has become massively popular in America recently, it hasn't quite made it to fast food chain status ye. But in other countries, even McDonald’s is getting in on the fun. First, it was the cute matcha pudding cups at Starbucks Japan, and now a new matcha ice cream treat at McDonald’s Hong Kong is tempting us to start saving flights to Asia.
HelloGiggles recently pointed us in the direction of a tweet from TravellingMcD's, which featured four photos taken at a McDonald's Create Your Taste location in Hong Kong. The image that has been jumping out the most to pretty much everyone is of a sign advertising Matcha Sundae Waffles served with Kit Kats.
Based on many Instagram images, it looks like McDonald's Hong Kong has put a matcha twist on the chain's signature soft serve. Customers are trying the new flavor in waffle cones and in sundae form with chocolate sauce.

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Both of these green sweet treats look tempting, but the chain is also kicking the matcha soft serve sundae up a notch by piling it on top of a freshly made waffle. And, this is almost too much to handle. Take a look:

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The swirl of matcha ice cream is placed next to a dollop of whipped cream, and both are sprinkled with matcha powder and rice crisps, according to Instagram captions. And, stuck in the side of the soft serve is a matcha-flavored KitKat bar.
Instagram shows us that this isn't the first waffle sundae dish the Hong Kong McDonald's location has offered. It looks like Ube flavored ice cream is also being served on top of waffles with Oreo pieces and a black ice cream cone. So, basically what this tells us is that international McDonald's locations are ahead of the curb on all food trends, always.

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