Forget Mashups, Dunkin' Is Now Topping Doughnuts With Other Desserts

Photo: Dunkin' Donuts.
Anyone looking for evidence that doughnuts have gone from a breakfast-only option to a full-on meal replacement doesn't need to look any further than Dunkin' Donuts' latest menu item.
Not content to let doughnuts just be; decorating them with sprinkles and filling them with delicious gooey fillings, the doughnut chain has added a dessert staple to the mix and created the ultimate in doughnut desserts: the Raspberry Chocolate Brownie Doughnut.
PopSugar reports that the outrageous concoction involves a classic doughnut that's filled with raspberry jelly. Simple enough, right? But then, Dunkin' slicks on a smooth layer of chocolate glaze and tops it all off with a cube of chocolate brownie and a drizzle of vanilla icing. A brownie for breakfast? Why not? A doughnut for dessert? Yes, please. This goes to show there are no rules and no justification necessary for those 8 p.m. doughnut cravings.
But don't go rushing to your local Dunkin' Donuts just yet. While stateside Dunkin' locations are constantly updating their menus, this one didn't make it to the good ol' U.S.A. instead, it's exclusive to locations in the U.K. The mouth-watering mashup actually made its debut back in March — taking a few cues from Dunkin's Valentine's Day flavors, which also mixed raspberry and chocolate — but it didn't really get the social media attention it deserved until now.

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There's no guarantee that the amazing doughnut-and-brownie combo won't make it to our shores, so dessert fiends and alt-breakfast lovers can keep their fingers crossed or tweet at Dunkin' to get this British delicacy added to menus worldwide.
In the meantime, make do with the addition of s'mores flavored coffee and doughnuts and the chain's new frozen coffee drinks.
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