Evan Rachel Wood Posts Photo From Westworld Preparations

Photo: C Flanigan/Getty Images.
It's been a while since Westworld was a part of the conversation. When the show's creators announced that the HBO drama wouldn't return until 2018, most of us focused on other shows.
But it looks like the cast is gearing up for the second season of the sci-fi series. On Wednesday, Evan Rachel Wood shared a Westworld-themed photo on Instagram.
"Corset training has started again. Which can only mean one thing. A certain TV show is starting again very soon.... ???⌨️???," Wood captioned the photo. Her emoji use, especially the robot, the horse and cactus, and the eye, are quite clever and fitting of the drama.
Wood only shared the photo three hours ago, but it's already garnered more than 11,000 likes, along with plenty of comments from Westworld fans.
"Can't wait! Sad it's going to take so long but it will be worth it!," one person commented on Wood's Instagram post. "If someone invented time travel and I was only allowed to use it once, I would zap myself to the future, the day before the Westworld Season 2 finale so I could binge watch the whole damn thing immediately right now no waiting," wrote another fan.
Wood also shared the post on Twitter, where fans were equally excited that the show will finally be coming back.
One person responded to Wood's tweet saying they'd watched the first season three times, while another simply replied "FINALLY."
Not every fan was happy about the show's costumes, though. "Robots r still dressing in one of the most restrictive outfits ever invented?" one person tweeted. Which, really, is a fair point.
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