Ranked & Rated: We Taste-Tested The Top 3 Pizza Delivery Spots

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Pizza is polarizing. From toppings to how you munch to carrying methods, everyone from chefs to the general Twitter-sphere seems to have something to say about those golden slices. But if there's one thing we can generally all agree on, it's that there are two clear categories for this cheesy nosh: fancier restaurant pizza and classic delivery pizza. And today, we're talking delivery. You know, the kind from group birthday parties, Saturday nights back in the day with sitters and soda, and those late-night college (and post college!) grub-fests.
Maybe you were raised on Papa John's or maybe you were a Pizza Hut kiddo. (Domino's was always my dorm-room jam.) Whichever number was (or is) your go-to dial, they are always consistent and dependable. These fast pie chains come from a time when cheap and easy heavily outweighed gourmet. But what really makes a pizza good, anyways? We decided to line up the three most popular delivery pizza options out there for a blind taste-testing. The goal? Not only to take a trip down cheesy-memory-lane, but to see if we could correctly identify the defining classic qualities of each (as one tester boldly stated, "I'd know Papa J's anywhere"). So scroll on to find out which slice reigns supreme — and if we succeeded in identifying the big three.

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