This Video Of Gordon Ramsay Driving James Corden To The Airport Is Priceless

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Gordon Ramsay has starred in numerous shows where he instructs chefs on how to improve their cooking. His restaurants have earned 16 Michelin stars all together and he has written 22 books about cooking and his life as a chef, so usually, when it comes to food, we trust him implicitly. Recently, however, he gave James Corden some food-related advice that we're not so sure about.
In a recent episode of the Late Late Show, Corden and his gang head to London. At the start of the show, the host gets fellow Brit Gordon Ramsay to drive him and his bandleader Reggie to LAX to catch their flight. Ramsay is in his trademark foul mood because the traffic and detour to the airport are going to make him late for dinner. Of course, Corden's relentless teasing also doesn't help.
On the way to LAX, Corden asks Ramsay an important question. He says, "Hey Gordon, what's your advice if we've got a little bit of time to kill at the airport, what should we eat when we get there? What sort of food do you think? Cinnabon or Sbarros?" A very grumpy Gordon response, "No. Keep it light, okay?" Corden continues to try to bargain with the chef saying he usually eats three Cinnabons before he flies so just one would be keeping it light. Ramsay isn't buying it.
The other advice that Gordon gives in this bit, like what restaurants to eat at while in London, we'll take without question, but on the matter of Cinnabon, we're not convinced. Eating Cinnabon in the airport might just be one of the few good thing about flying and the possibly the only thing that makes a long layover bearable.
Though we don't agree that you have to skip a heavy dish like cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon before flying, at least Chef Ramsay is consistent in his advice. When Refinery29 spoke to the chef earlier this year, he told us that before a long flight he tries to "keep it light." He usually tries find a bar close to his terminal for "A nice selection of Italian meats, a little glass of red wine, some sliced apples or pears with some parmesan cheese." Sure, that does sound good, but we think we have to stick with James Corden on this one. The smell of Cinnabon is just too hard to resist.

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