This Couple Turned To Facebook To Find The Owners Of A 1963 Wedding Album

"Stuff just keeps falling from our ceiling!" Megan Kapsidis wrote in a Facebook post. "Now it's someone's wedding album from 1963!"
And so began the search for Marguerite and Joseph Gargiulo, who were married in New York in 1963. Megan and her husband Bobby, who live in Arizona, were doing some renovation work on his mother's home in Florida when a few 1960s relics fell from the ceiling. Now, Megan's using Facebook to try to reunite the couple with their wedding-day photos.
"My first reaction was, 'Wow, what a beautiful wedding,'" Megan told ABC News. "I sat looking through it and thought, We need to find these people."
There was a closed-off crawlspace up there that contained not only this wedding album but a few other items like their wedding invitation, a purse, and another album of photos.
"I reached in the installation and I pulled out this wedding book," Bobby told ABC News. "It's old and kind of dusty and I said, 'This is pretty incredible' — just seeing something nostalgic like that. I have no idea why they'd keep it up in the attic."
Megan shared the photos on Facebook and thinks she's pretty close to finding the Gargiulos.
"I'm pretty sure I'm going to find her, if not, her family," she said. "I have a lead that she's two towns north of where we are now. I'd like to return it and maybe hear a little bit about her wedding day if she's willing to talk about it."
Our inner wedding nerds are stoked at this incredible find. Just look at that tiara:
They sure don't make dresses this poufy anymore.

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