One Jar Of This Moisturizer Is Sold Every 18 Seconds

You have every right to be picky as hell when hunting for the perfect facial moisturizer. Go ahead, spend an hour pacing up and down the skin-care aisle at Sephora, scanning ingredients lists and testing out so many different choices on your forearms that you don’t even know which is which anymore. After all, finding a formula that feels the way you want it to and does the things you need it to is important.
But with that being said, some things (and people) are just objectively good, regardless of your more nuanced personal preferences. Take Chris Pine, for example. Maybe he’s not necessarily your “type,” or at least not the Hollywood Chris you usually go for, but you still can’t deny that the man is handsome. In that sense, The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Moisture Cream is kind of like the Chris Pine of moisturizers. When it says “all skin types” on the label, it really means it — which is probably at least part of the reason why a jar is sold every 18 seconds worldwide.
Formulated with a blend of lightweight emollients, plant oils, and (wait for it) vitamin E, the Moisture Cream is the platonic ideal of a good, reliable, all-purpose moisturizer. It’s as hydrating as other, much richer formulas on the market, but absorbs easily, like a lotion, as it sinks into skin. Why complicate things except to say that it just feels really nice?
A one-size-fits-all face cream is an ambitious concept, but if there’s one such option that deserves a generalized seal of approval, the Moisture Cream is it. If you’re still not completely sold, just ask the ten people who bought it in the three minutes since you started reading this.
The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream, $32, available at The Body Shop.

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