Popeyes Has Cookie-Covered Chicken Tenders & We Can't Stop Eating Them

Photo: Deb Lindsey/The Washington Post/Getty Images.
Fried chicken seems to be a blank palette for just about any culinary remix. Want yours with a Korean twist? No problem. With a side of waffles? That's old news. But in the vein of that sweet-and-savory combination, Popeyes' latest menu item brings together the chain's beloved chicken tenders with a brand-new coating made from shortbread cookies.
Foodbeast reports that Popeyes Sweet and Crunchy Tenders, the restaurant's newest nationwide release, are the perfect combination of crunch and sweetness. The site notes that it's definitely a subtle flavor, so don't go in expecting a Girl Scout cookie-fried chicken mashup. While there's nothing about Popeyes that ever leans subtle, the cookie flavor's more like a hint than a full-on dessert.
"Popeye's continues their streak of 'shit that they keep doing right,'" Foodbeast writer Reach said of the new recipe.
The Sweet and Crunchy Tenders are available now from coast to coast. However, they're a limited-edition menu item, so anyone looking to get in on the cookie crust needs to get to a Popeyes before June 25. What the fast-food chicken chain will offer up after that is anyone's guess, because what can top chicken doused in shortbread cookies?
This latest culinary innovation may be the result of Popeyes recent acquisition by Restaurant Brands International, which also owns international burger chain (and sex toy peddler) Burger King. While many Popeyes fans threw their hands up and renounced the culinary gods for what they saw as an unholy union , it seems that the resulting recipes seem a-okay. After all, with cookies and fried chicken, what's there to hate? Even better? Popeyes is offering the new Sweet and Crunchy Chicken Tenders in its famed $5 deal (tenders, fries, and a biscuit), so fans can indulge on the cheap.
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