Burger King Just Bought Popeyes & Twitter Had An Odd Reaction

Photo: AP/REX/Shutterstock.

The rumors have been swirling for a while, but this morning, Restaurant Brands International finally officially announced it would be acquiring the fried chicken fast food chain Popeyes. In case you're unfamiliar, Restaurant Brands International is the same company that owns Burger King and Tim Horton's. According to Eater, the purchase of Popeyes by RBI will almost certainly lead to the fried chicken chain being spread globally. You better believe, though, that buying a chain that already has 2,600 locations around the world cost Burger King's parent company a few golden nuggets. According to a RBI press release, the acquisition cost the company $1.8 billion. So, now that Restaurant Brands International owns Popeyes — or will when the deal closes in April — you'd think fans of the chain would be excited by the possibility of more locations and further brand development. That doesn't appear to the case for a few chicken lovers, however. When people started seeing "Popeyes" and "$1.8" in the same sentence trending all over the internet, it seems quite a few of them jumped to the conclusion that Popeyes was offering some sort of epic one dollar and eighty cent chicken deal. And, when they figured out the truth, many were understandably disappointed.

Still, even those who recognized the real reason why the chicken chain was in the news have responded with some skepticism. It looks like a lot of people really don't trust Burger King with their precious Popeyes' chicken.
Despite all the apprehension, the deal is well underway. So, we'll just have to keep up hope that the chicken will stay the same.

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