The Cast Of The Wire, 15 Years Later

Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage.
15 years ago today, HBO premiered one of the most prolific shows of the decade. The Wire, created by David Simon, was a fictional portrayal of the crime and corruption plaguing Baltimore at every level of society. Each season of the show had a different theme which were, in order: law enforcement and the drug trade, organized crime in the city’s seaport system, the politicians, the education system, and media. While set in Baltimore, The Wire was commentary on the intersections of crime, poverty, and race at various levels of American society.
Introducing the world to a huge ensemble of amazingly complex characters, The Wire captivated viewers for six years. Viewers laughed, cried, and were left with their jaws on the floor throughout the course of the series. After airing its final episode in March of 2009, it has definitely earned its title as a cult classic.
While that chapter of television history is now closed, many of the actors that brought this Baltimore story to life are still around. On the 15 year anniversary of The Wire, we’ve rounded up some of the most memorable actors from the show to report on where they are now.

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