Cher Horowitz & Travis Birkenstock Just Reunited For A Mini Clueless Reunion

Photo: Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images
You may have noticed that remakes of popular shows and films are pretty trendy right now.
And while anyone who grew up using phrases like “surfing the crimson wave” and “As if!” may have once hoped for a Clueless part deux in the past, Dirty Dancing — among other remakes we actually didn’t ask for — pretty much reminded us why we’d be happier with just re-watching it for the 100th time. Not to mention we were spoiled with the Clueless series.
However, that’s not to say we can’t relish the thought of two of our beloved characters, Cher Horowitz and Travis Birkenstock, reuniting for the sake of ‘90s nostalgia.
According to EW, Alicia Silverstone and Breckin Meyer made a surprise appearance together Sunday night at the Cinespia screening of the film in Los Angeles.
While introducing the film, Silverstone was prodded by the audience to re-up her iconic “Cher” for the special occasion. While it would’ve been pretty timely for Silverstone to have given her classic “RSVP on the Statue of Liberty” spiel, she didn’t take it that far.
After moviegoers asked Silverstone for an “As if!” she kindly thanked enthusiastic fans, telling them that she hoped they enjoyed the movie. Though, she eventually threw them a bone. The 40-year-old got into character and said, “You’re going to hear it in a second, you don’t need me to say it. Whatever!”
Since the teen comedy made its debut in 1996, the two actors have appeared in multiple films since, and have kept a considerably low profile.
It’s unclear whether or not Breckin gave the audience a Travis impression, but from the looks of it, the audience was still pretty impressed.

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