Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
Don't forget your helmet! This Monday, daredevil Mars faces off with play-it-safe Saturn, a rare and confusing dust-up that will pull us all in opposite directions. Energetic Mars is in Gemini, which can get us swept up in groupthink and make us prone to peer pressure. But, uh, maybe getting a fifth refill on the bottomless piña coladas (and letting friends Snapchat the whole thing) or blowing off a family barbecue to drive out of town with someone you just met is a little, er, much? Saturn's finger-wag cautions against extremes, especially if they could damage your reputation or relationships. Indulge responsibly. Anything destructive could come back to haunt you.
On Sunday, Mars bids Gemini farewell and flows into cozy, family-friendly Cancer until July 20. After a frenetic seven weeks, we can all settle down a little and even put down roots. But Mars can be a pot-stirrer, so look out for domestic discord. It might be time to send that toxic roommate off in a U-Haul or at least create new house rules. Cancer is the sign that rules women and with courageous Mars here, we'll see some powerful women stepping forward. Find female leaders and peers you want to support — or step up into a more prominent role yourself. The divine feminine is rising!

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