Get The Party Started With Mini Champagne 6-Packs

Photo: Courtesy of Moet & Chandon.
Something is hardwired in humans that makes almost all of us completely charmed by miniature versions of every day objects. Mini golf is way more fun than the regular sport, dollhouse furniture remained cute forever after we stopped playing with toys, and even something as mundane as a miniature cucumber gets a smile before being sliced up and tossed into a salad. So naturally, when we laid eyes on mini bottles of Moët, we were taken with them. But, there’s one problem, the tiny bottles are precious but smaller bottles mean less champagne and no sharing. Don’t worry, Moët anticipated this little issue with its little bottles, which is why it created the Mini Share Pack.
The Share Pack, according to, comes with six adorable bottles that hold 187 milliliters of champers — for comparison, most standard champagne flutes hold about 177 milliliters. Specifically, each mini bottle comes filled with Moët & Chandon’s classic Imperial Brut. So now, instead of bringing a six-pack of beer to your friend's backyard barbecue, you could opt for something way more fancy . While that's definitely an surefire way to get the party started, you should probably only do it if it's a really good friend's party because the six-pack costs $100. Moët is always going to cost a lot even if it's in a smaller package, so maybe think long and hard about who you're sharing the share pack with.
In addition to the six baby-sized bottles, the share pack comes with with golden flute toppers, Cosmo reports. With the attachable flute toppers, you can sip straight from the bottle without messing up your lipstick. Even with the big price tag attached, mini Moët are cute enough to keep proving that tiny is always captivating.

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