I'm Obsessed With This K-Pop Group & You Should Be Too

Photo: Big Hit Entertainment
I’m not sure how it happened or when it happened, but I’ve become quite obsessed with K-Pop. When I say obsessed, I mean that it’s become a part of my everyday routine. In the morning, I’ll open up my YouTube app to check to see if there are any K-Pop updates via fan-made compilation videos, and at night will do a quick scan of the internet to see if there was anything I didn’t get a notification about during the work day.
Before we collectively jump to the conclusion that my content consumption lifestyle is beyond extra, I’ve always had a feeling that things might turn out this way. Boy bands have always been a constant in my life — starting with the Backstreet Boys, then the Jonas Brothers, then obviously One Direction, and now one of the more popular K-Pop groups taking the planet by storm: Bangtan Boys (also known as BTS).
I jumped on the Bangtan bandwagon towards the beginning of 2016. Some of many reasons being their pastel colored hair, catchy tunes, admirable work ethic, relatable and humble personalities, and their mesmerizing music videos. BTS is doing something right because not only do their music video releases average around 100 million views on YouTube, but they’re also the first K-Pop group to be nominated for the Billboard Music Awards.
Photo: Big Hit Entertainment
If this is your first time hearing about BTS, welcome to the giant fan club. Even though I’ve only contributed to their insane music video view counts for a little over a year (and gone to two of their concerts and cried), I can’t wait to see what they accomplish next. In true K-Pop fan fashion, I’m sending the biggest “fighting!” to BTS all the way from NYC for tonight and beyond.
In preparation of their BBMAs debut, I had the very special opportunity to interview the seven members of BTS before their big night in Las Vegas.
Who are you most excited to meet at the BBMAs?
Rap Monster: “Bruno Mars.”
J-Hope: “Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj.”
V: “Celine Dion, Ed Sheeran, and John Legend.”
Jin: “John Legend.”
Suga: “Drake.”
Jungkook: “Jason Derulo.”
Who are some of your favorite female musicians?
RM: “Lauryn Hill.”
S: “Whitney Houston.”
JK: “Tori Kelly.”
V: “Norah Jones and Emeli Sandé.”
Is this your first time in Las Vegas? What’s the one thing you definitely want to see/do?
V: “It’s everyone’s first time in Vegas, except for Rap Monster. I’m excited for the shopping! So great.”
If someone has never listened to BTS before, what three songs would you tell them to listen to?
RM: “Save Me.”
JH: “Fire.”
Jimin: “Blood Sweat & Tears.”
You’re the first K-Pop group to receive a nomination at the Billboard Music Awards, what does this mean to you?
RM: “It’s an awesome thing, and we are excited about it all. First being invited to the BBMAs where all these huge artists gather in the same place. If we win the Top Social Artist Award, it is because of the dedication from our A.R.M.Y.s [their fans] around the world and our honor and gratitude goes directly to them. We feel that music is the international language and we feel the love from all over the world through that.”

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