Harry Styles' Carpool Karaoke Was Strangely Romantic

Harry Styles isn't exactly a Carpool Karaoke newbie — he joined One Direction for their stint behind the wheel in 2015 — but last night did mark the first time he did it as a solo artist. And that, friends, is a perfectly good excuse to get emotional. Emotional "in a cool way."
It turns out that the "Sign of the Times" singer is quite the sentimental fool. The Notebook is his favorite film ("I feel like I should say my favorite film is Fight Club or something, but it's just not"). His songs, three of which he belted out with The Late Late Show's James Corden behind the wheel, can make his eyes "sweat" (which is a defensive cool dude way of saying he cries like a baby). His go-to karaoke song is "Endless Love."
The British pop star joined Corden in singing the sappy 1981 Diana Ross and Lionel Richie ballad, nailing those high notes and melting hearts with every lyric. Then, to really demonstrate that he's a pure romantic and not the bad boy everyone who's listened to a Taylor Swift song thinks he is, he recreated our best-loved rom-coms.
"Why am I always Julia Roberts?" he moaned as Corden assigned roles for a little Notting Hill tribute.
Clearly, it's because he can nail that "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her" dialogue. Excellent attempt at an American accent.
For his next trick, Styles not only perfected Kate Winslet's "draw me like one of your French girls" quote from Titanic, he also demonstrated a keen knowledge of the film, which we find pretty damn endearing.
"This is when they're dying, when they're on the door, isn't it?" a clueless Corden suggested, trying to place the scene in which Winslet says the "French girls" line.
"No it isn't," Styles corrected him, pointing out the holes in this logic. "They're on the door dying, and then she asks him to draw him like a French girl?"
Okay, it's official: We'd definitely Netflix and chill with this dude.
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