"Bacon Camp" Is What Every Adult Deserves This Summer

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By now you’ve probably heard: Americans love bacon. And our passion for the crispy, salty, aromatic treat has often inspired us to get creative. Meaning we put it on, or find ways to incorporate it in, everything: chocolate, cocktails...even candy. It even occasionally gets a tad out of hand. If we can eat it or drink it, we can bacon-ify it.
Though if you're a bacon lover who also has fond memories of attending camp as a child, you’ll want to snatch up tickets quickly to Camp Bacon in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Who says you can’t combine your love of swine with sweet, sweet campfire nostalgia?
The annual fundraising event is hosted by Zingerman's, an online food shop based in Michigan, and features a number of activities spanning multiple days. Attendees are not only encouraged to ingest as much bacon as humanly possible, but are also free to indulge in a number of tasty activities, including a film festival, culinary classes, and a pig roast.
"Over the last eight years Camp Bacon has become one of my favorite events of the year here at Zingerman's," said co-founder Ari Weinzweig in a statement to MLive. "With each year that we do it, my affection for it grows — the connection with the campers grows stronger, the presentations get more interesting, the food gets better, the bacon gets...well, everything's already better with bacon!"
Tickets for the event are on sale now, but if a nearly week-long pork-filled panoply is too much for your cholesterol levels, there will also be a street fair open to the public.
Earlier this year, GrubStreet reported that America’s bacon supply was at an alarming 50-year low. Despite farmers “raising more pigs than ever” it seems demand for the pork belly is just outpacing supply. Though as proven by the ongoing Bacon Camp and a New York Times story, the pig industry won’t be going belly up anytime soon: It was just fake news.

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