This Tumblr Shares The Stories Of Those Who Would Be Affected By The AHCA

Less than two weeks ago, the American Health Care Act (which some have been calling Trumpcare) passed in the House of Representatives.
Although making it through that barrier was a major victory for Trump's health care act, coming just after his first 100 days in office, many have critiqued the bill — especially for the number of pre-existing conditions it will add to insurance policies.
Parents of kids who will now fall under these pre-existing conditions are furious and scared, and have argued that the bill will essentially kill their children. One mom personally visited her representative the day after the bill passed to show him a photo of her daughter, who relies on insurance for her medication. She inspired another mom to do the same. And a third mom, Rashelle Chase from Oregon, has created a public Tumblr page dedicated to putting a face on the kids who will be hurt if the AHCA becomes law.
Chase's son, Leo, has cerebral palsy, which is considered a pre-existing condition under the AHCA. In her first post to the blog, she wrote about Leo and why she thinks it's important to fight against the AHCA in whatever way possible.
"Leo loves super heroes, sports, and Bob Marley music. He is loving, smart and hilarious, and even at the age of four is empathetic and concerned for others," she wrote. "Leo depends on a variety of therapies and services to thrive and grow: speech, physical and occupational therapies. Opthemology, neurology, orthotics, Botox injections, MRIs. Leo also receives vital special education services through our local school district that are supported by Medicaid dollars."
All of the services Leo needs would be threatened under the AHCA.
"As a citizen and a mother, I demand better. Children are not Democratic or Republicans. They are kids, who deserve the opportunity to meet their full potential," she wrote. "As you consider on which side of history you will occupy, please keep my child and others like him in your mind and heart."
Her blog, she told Scary Mommy, isn't about politics — it's about getting people like her son the care they need.
"In the case of kids like my son, it’s simply part of who they are, how their body was formed, before they even drew breath," Chase told Scary Mommy. "My son was perfectly made and should not be discriminated against for the way he was born.”
Her blog has become a platform for not only Leo's story, but the stories of kids like him, who also are especially dependent on good health care to grow and thrive.
While Chase's blog focuses on the kids who will be impacted, the AHCA's pre-existing conditions will likely impact about 53% of Americans, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll. The list of pre-existing conditions is extensive, and just about everyone will know someone (or be someone) who would have limited access to health insurance if the AHCA passes.
If you're concerned about the AHCA, like Chase and many of her fellow moms, take some time to call your local legislator and tell them exactly how the AHCA would impact you.
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