This Powerful Video Shows The Moment A Mother First Meets Her Baby

In celebration of Mothers' Day, Birth Becomes Her — an photography company that specializes in birth stories — posted a video to Facebook compiling the moments many different moms first met their babies.
The resulting video includes plenty of tears (some of them our own), and your heart just might not be able to handle it. One mom couldn't stop repeating, "I did it, I did it," and another says "I love you," immediately breaks down in tears, and clutches her newborn to her chest.
No matter how each of these women gave birth — in a hospital, at home in a tub, naturally or by c-section — the video shows that the moment a mom meets her baby almost always has something in common.
It's beautiful and emotional.
After the moment these moms actually gave birth, the video shows a montage of the next few moments of their babies' lives — as they're being held close to their moms' chests and as some are breastfed for the first time.
One commenter wrote that she wondered how all of these women look absolutely stunning after (literally) having just given birth, saying that when she was in labor she "looked like hell." All other moms jumped to defend her from herself, saying that all moms look beautiful after having given birth and that she surely did, too.
"Monet and I have photographed nearly 300 births," one of the photographers behind Birth Becomes Her wrote. "The real truth is that all mothers look amazing. No joke. They really, really do. Love is beautiful and when it radiates from a woman after birth, it's amazing."
This seems to be the consensus from those commenting on the video, which has been shared more than 162,000 times as of writing. It has certainly elicited an emotional response, from the internet and from us.
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