This Boy Actually Had A Great Reason For Rejecting His Crush

We all have relationship deal-breakers – or even just crush deal-breakers, as was the case for one young student.
Fourth-grader Jorge had been writing letters to his crush, Alina, for some time. But when he found out that Alina was mistreating another student, the illusion was shattered.
On Monday, Twitter user @emeraald_ posted a photo of Jorge's rejection letter to Alina, which she said that she got from her mom, their teacher.
"So my mom is a fourth grade teacher, and she took this away from one of the students today," she wrote.
"Hi Alina, it’s Jorge — the kid that sends you those letters," the damning rejection begins. "I used to like you but I heard that you were bullying a girl that’s a different skin colour. That’s messed up. Who would want to be with you? I really regret those letters."
If that wasn't enough, he also wrote, "oh heck no!" and ended with a brutal conclusion: "I'm sorry about liking you!"
Since the photo was posted to Twitter, it's gone viral, with over 43,000 retweets and over 136,000 likes at the time of writing.
Though some Twitter users cried fake on the note, it's safe to say that it's given people a lot of life.
Real or not, we really do need more kids like Jorge — kids that won't stand for bullying, even if it's coming from someone who he clearly was invested in enough to send multiple letters.
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