Trader Joe's Just Released Our Favorite Campfire Treat In Candy Bar Form

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a summer night gathered around a campfire? Okay, maybe it’s the second thing after Kumbaya — sorry to get that one stuck in your head — but it’s high up one the list. Of course, we’re talking about s’mores. Crisp graham crackers, gooey and sometimes slightly burned marshmallows, and of course, sweet melted chocolate. When those three elements come together, they’re glorious enough to make sleeping outside worth it every time. But, s’mores are a rare treat because it’s not like there’s any way to carry a campfire around in your pocket. However, now, there is a portable version of campfire s’mores thanks to the innovative treat maker, Trader Joe’s.
Last month, TJ’s turned birthday cake into a candy bar, and this month, as we speed ever closer to summer, the grocery chain released what it’s calling a Campfire S’Mores Bar. The jam-packed 4.25-ounce bar comes in a large square box, and its main component is milk chocolate. Generously distributed throughout the chocolate are whole mini marshmallows and chunks of crunchy graham cracker. And, with one finishing touch, the TJ’s bar goes beyond the everyday s’mores we’re used to cooking up around the campfire every summer. According to the new product's description on Trader Joe's website, the bar includes a sprinkle of sea salt to “tie all the flavors together.” You know we're going to be adding sea salt next time we make our own s'mores.
The large chocolate bars are being sold for $2.99 each, but like many of Trader Joe’s most exciting products, the Campfire S’Mores bar is seasonal. That means, we can only find it for a limited time in the candy aisle at, but at least we can easily carry around the taste of summer all season long.

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