Ben & Jerry's Just Surprised Us With A Philanthropic New Flavor

After Ben & Jerry’s released its 4/20 treat, the Chill-aco, we figured it would be a minute before the company launched something else that would even come close to topping it. And yet, here we are, not even one month later, drooling over another new Ben & Jerry’s creation. Today, the company surprised America by bringing over an ice cream flavor that was released in the U.K. last year. It’s called One Love, and it was inspired by Bob Marley’s iconic reggae song.
The flavor is made with a base of banana ice cream, and it's packed with peace sign-shaped chocolate pieces. The chocolate banana combo is reminiscent a classic Ben & Jerry's flavor, Chunky Monkey, but there are two different elements in One Love that allow it to stand on it's own. The first is the graham cracker cookie swirl, which adds a nice crumbly texture to the otherwise very smooth ice cream. The second standout addition is the generous globs of caramel.
Besides being an enticing flavor, One Love is special because a portion of the proceeds from each pint sold goes to One Love Youth Camp, an arts program run by The Bob Marley Foundation and Partners for Youth Empowerment. According to a Ben & Jerry's press release, the One Love flavor was actually created in partnership with the Marley family and is meant to honor Bob Marley and "his vision for a better world."
You can stop by a Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop today to get a cone or cup full of One Love. Or, pick up a pint for $4.99 from freezer aisles nationwide. Keep in mind, this is a limited batch flavor, so it won't be around forever. Even if you're still recovering from the many Chill-Acos you conquered last month, we're guessing you probably won't want to miss tasting Ben & Jerry's newest flavor, especially since it will benefit a good cause. You know, a good cause other than satisfying your sweet tooth.

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