What You Need To Know Before Seeing Alien: Covenant

I have a confession to make. I saw Alien: Covenant without knowing anything about Ridley Scott’s movie franchise. For much of the downright terrifying movie, I felt like I was only understanding but a layer of the action. For me, Alien: Covenant was gory, devastating, and totally effective in making me jump out of my seat. But imagine how much more exciting the film would’ve been had I understood its significance in the overarching Alien franchise.
So, if you’re planning on seeing Alien: Covenant when it comes to theaters on May 19, be better than I was. Know how to tell the difference between a chest-burster, face-hugger, and xenomorph alien varieties. Know the Alien mythology.
Do your homework. Or, have me do your homework for you. This is everything I wish I’d known before going to see Ridley Scott’s intergalactic gore-fest prequel.
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