Trader Joe's Just Recalled Its Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi ice cream is delicious. And as if it wasn't already hard enough to get our hands on (there are still a limited number of frozen retailers in the U.S.), this sweet situation just got even stickier. Trader Joe’s, home to solid mochi options, has released a recall on the beloved frosty treat.
The flavor in question? Chocolate Chocolate (cue the waterfall of tears). In a press statement released by the company earlier today, TJ’s explained that particular boxes of their Mikawaya Mochi Chocolate Chocolate Ice Cream (UPC 070934990609, LOT code 090-17) "may contain peanuts, which are not listed in the ingredients.” So anyone dealing with nut allergies, should be extra cautious with those mochi boxes.
Luckily, the issue has been rectified and all of the affected products have been “removed from sale and destroyed.” And if you happened to be one of the purchasers of said product, you can take it back to your nearest Trader Joe's location for a full refund (and hopefully a new nut-free replacement for mochi-munching).

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