What Happened When This Woman Accidentally Agreed To A Date With A Much Older Man

To be fair, Priya-Alika Elias didn't know that the man was elderly when she agreed to go on a date with him. When the writer began talking to a guy on OkCupid back in 2014, she wrote on Twitter, he seemed interesting enough to meet IRL — and plus, he had a pretty ambiguous profile photo, and didn't list his age.
That, coupled with the fact that he wanted to have dinner at 6 p.m., set off some alarms in her head, she recalled. Still, she was drawn enough by his bio to agree to meet for coffee. It was then that she discovered that he wasn't "George Clooney old," or even "doesn't-get-memes" old. He was, as she said, "SO OLD THEY STARTED SHRINKING BACK INTO THEMSELVES OLD. LIKE THEY'RE GETTING SMALLER AGAIN. LIKE A JELLYFISH."
To make matters worse, she didn't even see him when she sat down, because he was buried under a pile of coats.
Despite the initial shock, Elias wrote, their "date" soon became more comfortable, like talking to one's grandfather. After he told her that he had joined OkCupid because he was writing a book and wanted to include a section on social media, she figured he was too old to understand that OkCupid was a dating site, and not necessarily social media. However, what happened next was enough to traumatize her off OkCupid.
Mortified, Elias deleted her account soon after, and we can't say we blame her. However, she's since found some comfort in the fact that her story seems to have been amusing to her followers. Though she initially tweeted that he was 97 years old, she later clarified to say that she was exaggerating. She still doesn't know his exact age, but it apparently was well over 75.
"I’m glad it provided some amusement to people," she told Metro. "I didn’t tell my friends because it was too embarrassing."
But at least not all hope is lost — she also told Metro, "I returned to online dating eventually."
This time, however, she's probably a little more hesitant about meeting up with anyone who hasn't listed their age.
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