Meghan Markle Keeps These 5 Items In Her Fridge At All Times

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As actress Meghan Markle moves closer to becoming an official member of the royal family, folks everywhere are digging up facts about her everyday life. (In case you missed it, Markle and Prince Harry are officially engaged.) Just like Prince William and Kate Middleton’s go-to takeout orders, Markle also has a few regular food habits of her own. In a 2016 interview with Good Housekeeping, she dished about the food items she always keeps in her refrigerator.
One of the key snack combinations that Markle is always sure to have plenty of is humus and carrots. This satisfying combo is hard to beat, and she's not the only one who partakes. Markle said that her dog, Bogart, is also a big fan of carrots, so between the two of them, they go through a lot of the vegetable. The actress also keeps a green juice and almond milk in the fridge at all times. Those are all items that most of us can regularly pick up at the store, but there's one thing that Meghan makes herself every week. It's chia seed pudding.

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According to an Instagram post from Markle, she makes her chia seed pudding with two cups of almond milk and a cup chia seeds. If she's making this every week, no wonder she always keeps almond milk around. The former Suits actress also adds cinnamon, vanilla extract, and agave to her pudding. After it's stirred up and stored in the fridge overnight, she serves it with berries and shredded coconut.
Once she officially becomes a royal, she may no longer have to go grocery shopping herself. (Though that didn't stop Queen Elizabeth.) But, we're guessing that someone who loves to cook this much will continue to always have homemade chia seed pudding stocked in the fridge. And, carrots for Bogart, of course!
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