These Are Prince William & Kate Middleton's Fave Takeout Foods — Yes, They Order In Too

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images.
For the most part, when we hear “celebrities, they’re just like us,” we roll our eyes and respond, “yeah, except not really.” This is especially the case when it comes to tales about the British monarch because let's face it, who could be more different from us than the royal family? However, we just found out one thing about Prince William and Kate Middleton that made us wonder if maybe we do all have more in common than we thought, and it, of course, has to do with their eating habits.
The royal couple was recently interviewed on BBC Radio 1, and the host asked some like what TV shows do you watch, and what we all wanted to know, “Are you allowed to order a takeaway if you wanted to?” In case you're unfamiliar, takeaway is the British equivalent of takeout, and don't worry, the Royals do indeed get to order it. In fact, Prince William says, "It's very important."
When you're a Duke or Duchess, you no doubt have plenty of choices when it comes to food, so how do these two decide what to get? For Kate, it seems, the answer is almost always Indian food, specifically curry. Will, however, told the interviewer, "It's a real conundrum when it comes to it. Pizza, curry, or Chinese." According to Kate, he does struggle with the choice, which is just about the most relatable thing we've ever heard come out of Kensington Palace. Apparently one thing that makes the decision a bit easier though is that William can't tolerate food that's too spicy. He told BBC Radio 1, "I'm not so good with the spicy food though. I'm not good at spice."
Of course, just when we started to think we would have plenty to discuss with the royal couple if we ever met them, they brought us back to reality by discussing the fact that they have other people order their take out, and pick it up for them. So, no, they really are not "just like us." At least we'll always have a bond over indecision when it comes to dinner orders.

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