These Are The Best Cities To Find A Job Right Now

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Is the grass really always greener on the other side...of the country? A new report from Indeed is ranking which U.S. cities are the best for anyone looking for a job. And while there's no mention of lawn maintenance in the results, it may be easier to make some green if you're willing to relocate.
"People think about cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, and D.C. as the great economic centers of the U.S.," Indeed's senior vice president, Paul D'Arcy, told Money. "While these cities have large economies, they are expensive and growing more slowly than many of the job hot spots in the South and West."
Exactly which spots? According to the survey, which looked at 50 different metro areas in the U.S. to pick the top 25, four Floridian destinations ended up high on the list. Looks like it's time to think about moving to the Sunshine State. Money reports that the survey looked at "work-life balance, salary compared to cost of living, job postings (weighted to interest) and job security/advancement."
Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa all landed top spots. Considering Kraft Foods, Disney, and Cisco all have major operations in the state, that shouldn't come as a surprise. Other unexpected spots? Sun Belt Cities like Memphis, TN; Las Vegas; and Phoenix, AZ, all got top marks, too.
Anyone focused on New England should check out Hartford, CT; and Providence, RI, which landed at no. 18 and 21, respectively. And for big-city living (and the California lifestyle) Los Angeles and San Francisco both ranked high on the list.
And while it may come as a surprise that huge cities like NYC and Chicago didn't end up higher on the survey, note that they're some of the most expensive places to live. And as for D.C.? Let's just say work-life balance isn't really a thing there, unless work is your life.

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