Vaginal Kung-Fu Might Be The Key To Better Orgasms

Pretty much everyone knows that weightlifting can have benefits for your body. But what many people don't know is that weightlifting can be good for your vagina as well. Yep, you heard right.
A practice called vaginal kung-fu, or vaginal weightlifting, uses an egg-shaped stone attached to weights to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Lisa Masterson, MD, talked about the benefits of vaginal weightlifting in a new video posted to her blog, Health In Heels.
In the video, Masterson said vaginal kung-fu is an ancient Taoist practice that can lead to more intense and pleasurable orgasms.
"After all, the vagina is a muscle," Masterson told Refinery29. "If you'd like to achieve more pleasurable orgasms, it's important to know how to strengthen and control your vagina."
"The moment there’s something inside [your vagina] the muscles will automatically grab onto it," she wrote on her blog. "The heavier the object, the harder the vaginal muscles have to work to hold it in."
Think of it like an extreme form of Kegels. Using the (usually jade) egg and weights can strengthen pelvic floor muscles more than your usual squeeze-and-release, according to Masterson.
While it's true that a strong pelvic floor can lead to a more intense sex life, it also has plenty of other benefits — like potentially helping to control urinary incontinence (when you accidentally leak a little bit of pee) and, for pregnant people, making labor go more smoothly.
Plus, lifting weights with your vagina just seems fun.
"Once you’ve attached some weight, pop the egg inside, clench your muscles and stand still with your legs apart and your back upright and start to swing the pouch by thrusting your pelvis forwards and backwards to create a pendulum effect," Masterson said in the video.
Do this for 10 seconds and then give yourself a break by holding the weight with your hand. The stronger your pelvic floor muscles become, the longer you'll be able to go before a break.
"Most importantly," Masterson wrote, "respect your body and its limits and have fun!"

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