Here's Why This Bride Decided To Rock A Bald Head On Her Wedding Day

Photo: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images.
Despite our many, many conversations about haircare, makeup tricks, and how we’re handling our various beauty concerns, hair loss among women is still a taboo subject. According to the American Hair Loss Association, women make up an estimated 40% of those affected by hair loss.
However, Kylie Bamberger is challenging our perceptions of baldness among women with a powerful message.
“When I lost my hair I was so focused on what I had lost, that I hadn’t necessarily realized what I had gained,” Bamberger said in a video posted to Instagram. “...I gained the ability to finally love myself. It’s something I encourage so many others to try and do. No one should ever be alienated because of the way that they look.”
Bamberger was only 12 years old when she was diagnosed with alopecia universalis, an autoimmune disease that results in complete hair loss all over the body. As noted by the HuffPo, in October 2016 the model and public speaker, sported an understated floral headband, instead of a wig or elaborate head-covering veil.
Bamberger’s story was recently picked up by several outlets, which explains why her wedding photos have only just begun garnering attention in 2017.

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In an April interview with Health magazine, the 27-year-old opened up about the what it took for her to stop wearing hats and sporting short haircuts as a teen, covering her head wigs as an adult and then toss all of the above in the trash later on. Bamberger has not worn a wig in more than five years.
“Hair loss doesn’t make you unhealthy, and it doesn’t make you ugly,” she said to the publication. “Those are two massive, massive misconceptions. I am not sick. I’m only stronger. If you’re out there, bald, it just means you’re becoming stronger. If you’re out there embracing your bald, you’re stronger. Period.”

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