We Can't Stop Watching This Prom Entrance Fail

Photo: Getty Images.
Prom. ‘Tis the season for dreamy promposals, fashion statements, and new pairs of shoes that often require an awful lot of breaking in.
Unfortunately, one guy experienced the burn of the latter during an inopportune moment.
High school students Jordyn McManus and her date Austin Cooper were all dressed up and set to leave for their prom when poor Cooper slipped down the stairs.
In a sea of epic prom videos and photos flooding our feeds, it might be the most relatable prom moment of all time. Let’s just say the video is “bananas/B-A-N-A-N-A-S.
What is even more unfortunate about said situation is that the video was uploaded on Twitter for the world to see and eventually “remixed.” We’ll get to that last bit later.
Who hasn’t taken a dramatic plunge in front of someone they’re trying to impress? It’s no surprise the video, uploaded by McManus with a caption that reads “At least we tried,” has been retweeted more than 114,000 times.
However, it gets even more mortifying. One Twitter user, @frenchy6dy, got ahold of the video and he did what the internet often does best: he added a fitting tune to the Cooper’s bumpy slide down the stairs. The song? Gwen Stefani’s "Hollaback Girl" of course. An odd soundtrack to a dude having possibly one of the most ego-bruising (and possibly body bruising) experiences of a lifetime, but Cooper’s tumble eerily aligns with the music’s cadence. Someone get this kid a job soundtracking films, please.
Thankfully, although many laughs have been had, loads of comments about the moment have been supportive. “THIS WOULD SO HAPPEN TO ME OMFGGGG,” said one user. “He might be me because I fall the stairs wayyy too much.” Same. Cooper, this is particularly true when wearing heels in floor-sweeping dresses. Dear shoe gods: Can we please have more heels and brogues with gripped soles? Thanks.

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