Doritos Bags Play The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtrack, Just Add Headphones

Photo: Alamy
If you thought the contents of chips bags weren't already concerning enough, you can now plug headphones into a Doritos bag and hear the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack.
The latest promotion from the chip giant is a built-in cassette player that allows you to hear the official soundtrack from the film. That includes controls on the front, and the ability for the chips to be “recharged for repeat listening.”
The studio revealed the soundtrack earlier this month, which sounds legitimately great. That's because it includes major hits from bands like Electric Light Orchestra, Parliament, and Fleetwood Mac. All this and a literal song featuring David Hasselhoff. David. Hasselhoff. Really.
This is a great idea. Beyond the possibility that the cassette player will explode and cover your Doritos in more radioactive goop, you can plausibly enjoy a bag of Doritos for the first time in your life. Just kidding, Doritos are delicious. The idea of a large group of people carrying around empty Doritos bags, which they have taken home, plugged in, and recharged in order to listen to the film's soundtrack is legitimately hilarious.
We love it.
You can get the Doritos bags on Amazon starting April 28 before the Film comes out May 5.

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