Why This Woman Says She's Okay With Gaining Weight

Photographed by Megan Madden.
It’s easy to default to certain social patterns on Instagram. This is particularly true when it comes to sharing tales of self-improvement journeys and often, that improvement revolves around weight loss. But one woman, Emily Sower, a bikini competitor and personal trainer, dropped a personal message about how instead of shedding pounds she simply decided to shed her fear of the scale.
“I ain't afraid of no pizza ☝️seriously I have all the feels rn and here's why. What if I told you that gaining weight is OKAY? Sower explained in the caption. “The picture on the left is from two years ago, 151 lbs. the picture on the right is from two minutes ago, 151 lbs. the third pictures are both from today! Please don't be offended by this I'm just proving a point! For the longest time I've been so petrified of the scale, I was gaining weight and refused to look,” she said.
Losing weight — hell, achieving any healthy fitness goal — takes loads of determination and time. It’s easy to only associate weight loss with a success. Meaning when we gain a few unexpected pounds we can feel like a failure and when nothing happens at all we’re just plain confused.
She continued, “luckily I have the worlds [sic] strongest support system including my friends, my boyfriend, and people I've met through fitness that help me realize that numbers are so relative!! @hillon_dassett snapped some sense into me when I freaked about the weight I've gained.”
In the set of three photos, with before and after images appearing side by side, Sower shows off her hard work.
“the 151 lb girl on the left who spent hours running on the track, starving, yo-yo dieting, overeating, self-consciously looking in the mirror at all times- is NOT the woman I am today. I refuse to count myself out of having fun and enjoying my 20's and more importantly skip out on family vacations. F*ck that!!.”
Check out the rest of her lengthy caption below.
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