Ariel Winter Is Totally Down With A Modern Family Spin-Off

Ariel Winter is at least listening to the idea of a Modern Family spin-off. She was speaking at the premiere of her new movie, Dog Years, when she delivered her succinct response:
"That'd be cool," Winter said.
A woman of few words, but powerful ones. She's like the Sam Spade of modern-day sitcom actors.
The idea of a spin-off from the show is a fairly logical one. It would also enable Winter to ditch her baby voice. Winter has been outspoken and has a self-possession that belies her 19 years. She's gotten real on our site about how she learned to love her body.
But let's think about how that would happen. Ideally, it would mean ditching the family structure and recentering the show around Winter's Alex Dunphy character. And that would make sense; Alex is getting to be the right age to start thinking about college. While past attempts to send family-based shows off to school have been kind of disastrous, there's no reason that the concept has to be a dud. Winter's an actress who's shown considerable growth and range as the show has matured, so we'd love to see her stretch her wings in a bigger role.
Watch her interview below.

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