Is Paige Uber A? You May Have Missed This Pretty Little Liars Clue

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Well, this should make Emison fans happy. Eagle-eyed Pretty Little Liars fans over on Reddit have unearthed a screenshot that makes Paige (Lindsey Shaw) look seriously suspicious — and now, a Pretty Little Liars writer has confirmed on the Bros Watch PLL Too podcast that the clue was not an accident.
If you've been on the Paige-is-A train for a while now, prepare to feel vindicated. Redditor Nezhha took a screenshot of the moment that A.D. brings their endgame book to Jenna (Tammin Sursok), while mysteriously wearing doctor scrubs. While we never see the face of the person delivering the master plan to Jenna, we do get a tiny hint of who this mysterious figure may be. That hint is a tuft of short red hair.
And who is the only character on Pretty Little Liars currently rocking that look? Why, none other than Emily's (Shay Mitchell) on again, off again girlfriend.
This video, from YouTube channel Pretty Little Liars Theories, slows down the moment:
But should we suspect Paige of being the absolute worst? Okay, well, Paige is already kind of the worst (am I the only one still shipping Emily and Sabrina over here?) but Pretty Little Liars writer Allyson Nelson teased that we should pay attention to that tuft of red hair.
When asked by the Bros Watch PLL Too podcasters Marco Sparks and Benjamin Light whether fans are meant to see that hair, Nelson told the podcasters:
"Yes, I believe you are."
Ring the alarm, people! Paige is totally A.D., everybody go home.
Okay, so it's probably not that easy — if the show purposefully left Paige's alleged locks in the episode, there's almost zero chance that she's really A.D. In fact, it's far more likely that Paige is simply one of Uber A's minions — or, less exciting, someone blackmailed into helping take care of Jenna, a la Toby's (Keegan Allen) turn as one of A's minions.
Still... should that hair truly belong to Paige as suspected, it might move that Emily-Alison romance closer to a reality.

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