People On Twitter Really, Really, REALLY Missed Obama

Photo: Courtesy of Pete Souza/White House.
If at some point today you heard a chorus of fangirl screaming and intense sobbing noises, there's no need to be scared. The reason for our collective hysteria was simple: President Obama finally made his first public appearance since leaving the White House in late January. In case you were wondering: We're feeling #blessed.
On Monday, the former president took some time off from his well-deserved, star-studded vacay to hold a conversation about civic engagement and community organizing with students at the University of Chicago. (Yes, we're jealous we weren't physically there.) His speech and the panel that followed soothed the hearts of millions who dearly missed him. To hear his voice again! To experience his dad-like jokes! To see the passion he has for this country! It was almost like he never left.
The event also served to remind us that even though he's not president anymore, Obama plans to stay in the public arena to help "prepare the next generation of leadership to take up the baton and take their own crack at changing the world." SWOON.
It feels like the last time he addressed the public was at least 800 lifetimes ago, so President Obama's comeback caused sort of an earthquake on Twitter. Understandably, emotions were running high among supporters of 44th. They were shedding all the tears.
Some people also were losing it because the former president (who we're calling Glowbama now) was not wearing a tie. To which we say: YAAAASSSSS, Barack!
Other Twitter users appreciated that Obama took the time to meet up with young people and engage in such an important conversation.
In the end, one thing was clear: Many of us really, really, really missed President Obama. Our only prayer is that he doesn't stay gone for too long. Do you hear us, Barry?
Now, if you excuse us, we will replaying his speech all-day long.

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