Kerry Washington Is Not Here For Your Spoiler Complaints

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(Warning: major spoilers for Scandal ahead!)
The above is more of a spoiler warning than you'll get from Kerry Washington, whose latest Instagram post has really upset some fans. If you'd rather stay in the dark about the happenings of Thursday's episode, you may want to avoid the star's social platforms.
Okay, ready for the spoilers?
Scandal's Olivia Pope just posted a photo of actress Portia De Rossi — a.k.a. Elizabeth North — lying in a pool of her own blood. Don't worry: while North was definitely not a happy camper in season 6, episode 11's "Trojan Horse" — because, well, she was beaten to death with a fire poker, as sometimes happens on a Shondaland series — the actress was all smiles in Washington's latest Instagram post. While some fans may cry "spoilers!" in the comments of the TV star's tribute to the fallen character, Washington is here to handle it. How? By posting an "I don't give a fuck" comment alongside the pic.
Washington wrote:
"Bloody beautiful. #Scandal (Also... AND I SAY THIS WITH A LOTTA LOVE, you gotta know by now that if you haven't watched the episode, you should stay away from social! Sorry for the spoilers but this is what live tweeting looks like)"
Some fans threw shade Washington's way for "ruining" the episode for them:
"Not cool. Great way to get people to unfollow you."
"Thank for the spoiler, I think I'm gonna unfollow her, she always does that"
"I hate when you guys do this Spoiler every week. @kerrywashington I'm unable to watch the show when it airs on Thursday night due to a meeting. But every week, the episode gets spoiled for me with these posts."
Sorry, spoiled fans, but... she's kind of right. If you don't watch a series live, you better stay far, far away from the cast's social accounts — if not Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook entirely. People have zero chill when it comes to revealing OMFG-worthy events, and they're certainly not going to wait to discuss the Shonda Rhimes-created drama because you have a yoga class during the TGIT block.

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